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WWhite Cap Solutions is your partner in technology. We realize that choosing the right technology to fit your company can be intimidating and challenging. technology arrow-300x223That is why we have developed a range of products to help you leverage technology in a way that is affordable and scalable. We can provide turn key solutions for internet and email products, wireless products integration and computer hardware technologies.



When looking for a partner in technology it's important to know who is your partner. That's why we've put our "Code of Ethics" on our front page.

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Our Code of Ethics:

  1. We will be honest and not knowingly misrepresent facts.

  2. When applicable, we will install and use only properly licensed software on your web server or web site.

  3. We will disclose any potential conflicts of interest prior to accepting the job/contract or as soon as possible after the conflict is discovered.businessman w smartphone rc200x134

  4. We will only represent opinions as independent only when they will cause no conflict of interest and there is no undisclosed interest in the outcome of the client's decision.

  5. We will ensure that to the best of our knowledge that we can complete the web design and web development project in a professional manner both in terms of skills and time.

  6. We will keep you informed of any matters relating to the web development contract even if the information is unfavorable, or may jeopardize the contract.

  7. We will safeguard any confidential information, trade secrets or documents entrusted to us and not divulge any such information without your consent.

  8. We will not take advantage of proprietary information obtained from you.

  9. We will not engage in contracts that are in violation of the law or contracts that might reasonably be used by you to violate the law.

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